Horse saves blind dog

Horse saves blind dog from drowningA wandering blind dog named was no match for the slippery dock along the Danube River. After falling into the water and drifting far from shore,  a horse named Agripin swam out to offer a ride back to shore.
As it turns out, Agripin had been swimming himself when he spotted Abby struggling to stay afloat. The river, fairly shallow in this area, allowed Agripin to simply walk out to Abby where she then climbed aboard for the ride back  to shore.
 Agripin’s owner watched as the heart warming scene with disbelief as it unfolded.
It seems Abby and Agripin will be best of friends forever.
Although this heartwarming story has gone gone viral, received a follow up post from the horse and dog’s guardian, who was quite amused by all the fanfare. See the post here.  Either way, it’s still a good story :)